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Group Working Party

7 June 2014

Working Party 14th June 10am Onwards

We need your HELP

We are constantly maintaining, cleaning and refurbishing the Scout Hut so that we have a nice venue for the future of the group.

Our next stage that we are looking to do on the working party is to the small garden at the front and around the side of the hut.

We want to make this a nice looking area, usable space and virtually maintenance free. We intend cutting all the brambles down, weeding and then laying a stone area all the way down the side.

On the day we need your help even if you can only spare a couple of hours, it all helps.

While we do have some gardening tools at the scout hut if you have any of the following to make the day easier we would appreciate if you could bring them with you.

Wheel barrows – we need to move about 3 tonne of stone once clear
Grass trimmer

Tree pruner

Refreshments and nibbles will be provided on the day.

We appreciate all the help we can get to keep the Scout Hut nice for all to use.

If you cant get on the day but would like to help in some way please talk to your section leader.

Thanks again

Michael Shepherd
On behalf of the 118th Scout Group