OSM Programme & Attendance

OSM gives you the ability to see what is scheduled for upcoming Section meetings and to let us know if you can’t make it. It is important we know whether to expect Scouts at a meeting as we can buy the correct amount of materials etc. We also consider regular non-attendance without notification as a sign that a place in the Group may not be required

By default all Members have their status set to attend all items on the Programme – you only need change this if you know there will be non-attendance/

After logging in, navigate to the ‘Programme’ tab

This will show what is happening for the next few weeks (plans are fluid so these may not be 100% representative of what actually happens on a night). Your expected attendance status is also shown. If you wish to change this for any particular meeting click the ‘Edit’ button. This will then bring up a screen where you can optionally give a reason for the absence

The attendance status will then change. If you wish to later change the status again just repeat the process