Parent Info

Information for Parents

Parents Guide to OSM

OSM is the online system we use to run and manage our Scout Sections. Use the guides to see what you can do

Online Payments

Using OSM, see what payments are due and how to set up payments

OSM Online Payments

Event Invitations

Using OSM see what coming up and how to accept or decline invitations

OSM Events Schedule

Meeting Attendance Status

Using OSM, see what we’re planning and let us know if you can’t make it

OSM Programme & Attendance

Badge Progress

Using OSM, chart your Scout’s progress towards all the Badges and Awards

OSM Badge Records

Update Personal Details

Using OSM, keep us up to date with the essential information we need to keep Scouting safe

OSM Personal Details

Track Important Emails

Using OSM, look at historical emails we have sent you

OSM Emails

OSM Access Control

Using OSM, see who can access your Scouts records

OSM Access